Varsha's Engineering Academy

Varsha Dhumal

BE Electrical

University Topper in Mathematics.

I have been tutoring since 1998 and have tutored over 10,000 students from multiple universities over the past 18 years with a very good success rate. Having said that I like to say "A day without math is like a day without sunshine." My passion for mathematics helped me publish couple Engineering Mathematics books for Kolhapur University and Solapur University.

The most rewarding part of tutoring is knowing that I have the opportunity to help students succeed in math , especially during a time when more students than ever need to be skilled at math in order to do well in college, get a job and succeed in life. I like that I get to be a small part of the move toward helping all students succeed in their life.

I truely believe in words of famous mathematician Bertrand Russell who beautifully define mathematics as not just an inflexible application of rubrics to pointless symbols but something much more creative and an art in itself. Just like the work of a painter, who makes out patterns with his paints, a mathematician works with nothing but his ideas and his ideas similar to a painter’s strokes must be beautiful. Only then can he produce a work that can be called profoundly significant and creative. Mathematics is often defined as a study of pattern and so it is.

Thank you.